For designers who aspire to design high performance buildings, Sefaira provides the very best tools to enable real-time performance-based design decisions as an immersive and seamless part of the design process.

The power of building designers

The built environment is civilization’s most visible artefact. As the biggest consumer of the world’s resources (including energy), it also has the most substantial impact on our interaction with Earth and its ecosystem. For this reason, creating a sustainable built environment is an important factor in creating a symbiotic interaction between man and Earth – our home.

As lead designers of the built environment, architects literally shape our world. More than anyone else, they have direct power to influence the sustainability of society through their designs.

Because of this, architects are at the centre of our focus.

Sefaira – Software for High Performance Building Design

Through our close work with building designers, we know that they want to make highly sustainable buildings, and through our deep expertise in building physics, we know that the best way to do this is through high performance building design.

Traditionally, however, architects have lacked the tools to make the most sustainable design decisions. That’s why we founded Sefaira in 2009, with a mission to develop the world’s leading software for high performance building design. Our overriding passion is to create software that helps our customers design great, sustainable buildings.

Our software does this by seamlessly embedding science-based analysis directly in the building design process, intuitively enabling our users to make high-performing design decisions from the very first pen-stroke.

By providing sophisticated analysis via an intuitive user interface, Sefaira helps users define, quantify and optimize the energy, water, carbon and financial benefits of relevant design strategies. This helps users effectively balance the investment between various building strategies, to maximize capital efficiency, minimize energy and water use and create high performing sustainable building designs at low cost.

The name Sefaira – taking a holistic view

The name Sefaira comes from the Greek word sfera or sphere. This symbolises the Earth and indicates the way in which Sefaira takes a holistic approach to understanding and addressing sustainability problems, and to develop offerings which are globally applicable.

Team Sefaira – combining the power of science and technology

We are equally passionate about sustainability, science and technology. From Sefaira’s offices in London and New York we support customers all over the world. Our applications are based on deep expertise in combining building physics and computer science, and this unique expertise has enabled us to be the first and only company able to provide true real-time physics based analysis to the global building design community.

Sefaira has won numerous awards for our innovation including:

  • 2015 Edison Awards: Bronze Winner
  • 2015 Dutch Green Building Council’s Innovation Award
  • 2014 & 2013 Global Cleantech 100
  • 2014 Architizer A+ Product + Apps Jury Award
  • 2013 Sustainability Leaders Innovation Award
  • 2013 ENDS Green Economy – Green Data Award
  • Gold Winner – Ecosummit 2013
  • Europe Top 100 – Red Herring 2013
  • Global Top 200 Private Company – GoingGreen 2012
  • Green Building Innovation of the Year Winner – Ecobuild 2011

Sefaira – Sustainability. Performance. Design.