WASHINGTON D.C., GREENBUILD BOOTH #3743 – November 18, 2015 – Sefaira, the leader in software for high-performance building design, today announced the upcoming launch of its collaborative platform for performance-based design, and of Sefaira Strategies, a new product aimed at sustainability specialists. Both the new collaborative Sefaira platform and Sefaira Strategies will be showcased at Greenbuild 2015 which takes place in Washington D.C. on November 18-20.

Sefaira’s collaborative Performance-Based Design platform will for the first time allow architects, engineers, and sustainability specialists to work on the same performance analysis model. This enables project teams to work closely together from the early stages of design that are so critical to performance to create great, sustainable buildings. To enable effective collaboration, each practitioner will be able to access a shared project via workspaces tailored to their own area of expertise, so that architects, engineers and specialists all have the right tool at their fingertips, while at the same time having access to the latest data from their colleagues. Teams will be able to study design options, stay up-to-date with a rapidly changing design, and create stunning outputs to facilitate communication within the project team and with clients — all in record time, using robust, industry-standard analysis engines.

Forming part of this platform is Sefaira Strategies. Being unveiled today at Greenbuild, Sefaira Strategies will provide a tailored workspace for sustainability specialists at architectural firms who often coordinate performance solutions at the early stages of design. This will be designed to dovetail closely with the products Sefaira already offers for design architects (Sefaira Architecture) and mechanical engineers (Sefaira Systems). Sefaira Strategies enables sustainability specialists to investigate optimization strategies and collaborate closely with engineers using a new application that is built on the powerful EnergyPlus analysis engine.

“Implementing an integrated design process allows us to design better buildings with a better occupant experience,” said Premnath Sundharam, Principal at DLR Group. “Having the right software is essential to making such a process possible, and we work with technology companies like Sefaira to ensure that technology and processes are developed in parallel. We have already integrated Sefaira’s existing products for architectural designers and HVAC designers into our processes and are excited about bringing it all together in Sefaira’s new collaborative platform.”

Hugh McEvoy, Senior Vice President of Product at Sefaira, said: “Our prior innovations, such as real-time analysis, have equipped individual designers to analyze buildings while they design. At this point, bringing Performance-Based Design to the next level is all about how project teams work together. We are launching the new platform and Sefaira Strategies to equip leaders to drive innovation and manage the transformational shift to Performance-Based Design. This platform will help them expand performance to every project team.”


Sefaira’s new Performance-Based Design platform and Sefaira Strategies will be launched in Q1 2016. Both products will be previewed at Sefaira’s Greenbuild booth #3743 in Washington, D.C. this week.