From left to right, Sarah Williamson (Sefaira), Mads Jensen (Sefaira), Oliver Schneider (the Facility), Ruggiero Guida (Sefaira), Peter Krebs (Sefaira)and Varun Singh (Sefaira)

Today Sefaira was awarded the award Green Building Innovation of the year award at the Ecobuild 2011 expo in London. Together with our friends from the Facility, Sefaira was conferred the honour of ‘best of show’, in tough competition with 21 other leading innovations. Sponsored by the CIOB (Chartered Institute DISPLAY of Building) and awarded by the UK TSB (Technology Strategy Board), the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) and the MBEKTN (Modern Built Environment’s wholesale jerseys Knowledge Transfer Network), League the award marks the most promising new technology at Ecobuild 2011. Many firms and individuals have been Taunton helpful along the way, and besides Oliver Schneider cheap jerseys China and our other friends at the Facility:Architects, we have cheap jerseys also had excellent support from Gita Nandan of the Thread Collective, and Stewart Dodd of Satellite Architects. Our thanks go out to them, and to everyone who supported us in the competition! We cheap nfl jerseys hope this award will inspire many more architects, engineers and consultants to use Sefaira Concept – our green building design software – for their green building projects.