Welcome to the Sefaira monthly product update. This month, we’ve made some important improvements to our products. Read on to learn more.

Sefaira Systems

Interactive and Downloadable Assets

Last month we introduced a Monthly Energy Breakdown chart into the EnergyPlus-based web applications. We have continued to build out the data visualization and reporting capabilities of these web applications, and are excited to share a new download capability.

Select the Download button, and then choose the format you’d like to capture (image or spreadsheet). Given the interactive nature of the chart (i.e. highlighting various segments and showing comparisons) this download feature gives you access to a very wide range of report-ready assets.

Improved Zoning

We have increased the accuracy of our zoning strategies and minimized the likelihood of duplicate zones. These improvements will affect all three zoning strategy options. Here is what to look for:


  • What’s new? This new version, V2, completely overhauls how core/perimeter zones are created in order to handle more complex floor plates. If you had previously received an error indicating the C/P failed, please try again. (If V2 fails to create a C/P, we will automatically switch to V1 and a message will be displayed.)

Core/perimeter & One zone/room

  • What’s new? We discovered a bug which sometimes caused a zone to incorrectly be treated as perimeter when it should have been treated as core. This has been fixed.

Core/perimeter, One zone/room & One zone/floor

  • What’s new? We added a new step in our process which “welds” floor-plates. This results in several beneficial outcomes:
    • Duplicate zones should no longer occur.
    • The number of floors in the model should be closer in line with the number of levels/stories in the model.
    • A model which had multiple Revit floors at the same elevation will now be considered one floor, which causes rooms which were previously dropped to be maintained.

This may mean that some space uses need to be reassigned or that your results have changed. Please review the Zoning tab and your space use assignments, and contact Support if you have any questions about this update.

Sefaira Architecture

Deliberate Analysis in the Plugin

The Sefaira Real-Time Plugin helps you understand the performance impact of your design actions.

Sometimes a design action involves a single step, like changing the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of your building’s glazing. Sometimes a design action involves multiple steps, like adding shading devices to your building’s facade. We have eliminated automatic analysis from the Plugin in favor of deliberate analysis in order to best support the wide range of design actions you take.

What does this mean? Well, let’s take the facade shading example: You will likely build a number of shading devices before you’re ready to initiate an analysis run and assess your design’s performance. Sefaira won’t kick off a lot of unnecessary analysis runs while you build. Instead, when you’re ready, just hit the Update button and Sefaira will spring into action.

Eliminating automatic analysis also paves the way for an additional feature: Analysis Mode Selection.

Today, when you initiate analysis, Energy and Daylighting runs are conducted. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need; sometimes, though, you may only need Daylighting or Energy results.

Soon, you will be able to choose your analysis mode: Energy, Daylighting, or Both.

The added benefit of these updates, beyond delivering enhanced functionality, is more reliable and robust product performance. So it’s a win-win-win overall–not a bad way to close out 2016!

Daylight Response Efficiency and Our Move to EnergyPlus

Daylight Response Efficiency relies on outputs from Fulcrum, our proprietary energy analysis engine. Removal of the Daylight Response Efficiency input is necessary as we complete our transition to EnergyPlus.

We still absolutely believe that assessing the energy impact of good daylighting is important. Our next challenge is incorporating this workflow into our new EnergyPlus-based world. We are actively looking at how best to do that.

Fix DayViz Snapshot

Before this fix, the image resulting from the Download Snapshot action was not always formatted properly. In some instances, the legend would be cut off, or elements were not framed properly.

This fix improves the quality of the Daylighting Visualization Snapshot output.

Staying Up To Date

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