Welcome to the Sefaira monthly product update. This past month, we’ve made some important improvements to our products. Read on to learn more.

Sefaira Web Application

Free Area Calculations for Naturally Ventilated Buildings

Set a free area target (expressed as a percentage of the room or zone area) and Sefaira will provide a graphic showing which rooms pass or fail. This makes it really easy to get a building configured with the optimal amount of openings for natural ventilation.

Models can be uploaded with either fixed or operable windows and free area sliders provide control over factors constraining free area and opening proportion.

An excel report summarises the performance of the whole building to make demonstrating prescriptive requirements with codes like Title 24, BREEAM or AS1668 a breeze.

Monthly Breakdown Report

Convert the monthly energy breakdown for your project into an image designed for use in presentations or reports.

Important Improvements to HVAC Operation

Changes were made to a substantial number of HVAC assumptions over the quiet new year period to improve accuracy. Specific areas changed were warm-up controls, after-hours operation of VAV and CAV systems and equipment sizing for mixed-mode systems. Check the Knowledge Base updates for specific details.

Sefaira Plugin

Select Your Analysis Mode

Choose whether Energy, Daylight or both are running in the plugin for faster analysis on detailed models. Examples:

  • Switch to daylight only mode for models with lots of shading planes (that otherwise may cause EnergyPlus to time-out)
  • Switch to energy only mode for faster runs when reviewing simpler forms without glazing

Reminder – simulations no longer start automatically – Click the “Update” button to start a new run.

Bug fixes: Views, snapshots and other fixes

Plenty of bugs were fixed with the User Interface in January. For full details, see the Knowledge Base update.

Staying Up to Date

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