Welcome to the Sefaira monthly product update. Over the past month, we’ve made some important improvements to our products. Read on to learn more.

New Features

Adjustable Daylight Grid Resolution

Sefaira runs daylight analysis on a grid which was always designed to optimise run-speed for quick design decision-making. Many customers have been asking for a higher resolution grid comparable to what would be used for compliance submissions. This new feature enables you to choose a high or low resolution setting.

Radiance sensor illuminance

Read more about it here, and check it out in the Plugin by activating the settings menu.

New Excel Reports for Energy and Comfort

Download monthly energy use, thermal comfort reports and hourly comfort data to a spreadsheet for further analysis or conversion into your own customised graphs and charts.

Sefaira Downloads

Improvements and bug fixes

Scaled Floor Plans with Context

Zoning diagrams now show the context of the entire building for each floor so that it is easier to orient how each level relates to the building as a whole and quickly identify if any planes have been incorrectly tagged as floors.

Zoning HVAC

Improved tracking of state

We’ve ironed out bugs that were causing users to be confused as to the state of analysis runs and results in the web application, and we’ve found and squashed some bugs that had been causing instability in our servers.

Staying Up to Date

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