Welcome to the Sefaira monthly product update. Last month, we made some important improvements to our products. Read on to learn more.

Sefaira Architecture

Single-Window Plugin

Last month, we released a number of behind-the-scenes updates to bolster the technology that makes analysis in the design environment possible. This month we’ve released a very visible update that furthers those efforts: Energy and Daylighting analysis have been combined into a single, expandable plugin. Take it for a spin and see what you think. If you’d like to share any comments or feedback related to this change, you can do so in the Feature Request area of the Community section.

Single Window Plugin

Sefaira Systems

Ignore Zone Feature

You can now ignore any zone in your analytical model from within Sefaira Systems. 

HVAC Zoning

Ignoring a zone completely removes that zone’s information from EnergyPlus; walls adjacent to zones that still exist become adiabatic (i.e. no heat transfer occurs).

This is especially useful if…

…your model makes more zones that you need. Ignoring the ones you don’t want is much faster than making changes to the model. It’s also a helpful workaround if your model has zoning issues such as accidentally duplicated rooms.

…you have a building with 2 HVAC systems. Now you can now create 2 iterations, one for each system and simply IGNORE the zones that don’t apply to that system. This is an interim solution for customers who want multiple systems in a project.

…your model includes spaces like elevator shafts, atria, and unconditioned areas. You can now ignore them (the area gets deleted as well BTW). This should help alleviate errors that unconditioned spaces sometimes cause in E+ (i.e. failures to converge due to surfaces getting too hot or cold.)

Download Results Grid

The results grid can now be downloaded in its entirety to an excel spreadsheet.

Download Results Grid

This feature enables users to take a permanent record of the work they have done and also to generate charts and graphs from the comparative data more effectively.

To download the grid, look for the “Download Grid to Excel” link in the top left corner. After you’ve used it once, the button will only appear when your mouse is in the results grid area.

Additional Response Curves

Response curves are one of Sefaira’s most popular features and we’ve just made them even better. 

Response Curves in Systems

You can now run response curves on the following inputs for Sefaira Systems:

  • Space Use parameters like lighting, equipment, occupancy and ventilation rates.
  • HVAC parameters including supply air temperature, heat recovery effectiveness and specific fan power.

Staying Up to Date

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