Welcome to this month’s product update from Sefaira. Over the last month, we’ve made some important improvements to our products. Read on to learn more.

CO2 Emissions Calculations in Sefaira Systems

You can now automatically report the CO2 emissions in Sefaira Systems via the Energy Breakdown tab and the Results Grid. We use Electricity and Gas rates based on your project’s region/country. If you would prefer to customize these rates, you can do so easily by entering values on the Energy Breakdown tab.CO2

Improved Support for More Building Types in Sefaira Systems

Residential and hotel projects with MVHR systems

We’ve added the ability to switch off heating and/or cooling at the Air Handling Unit for all DOAS systems. It’s now much easier to model residential and hotel projects as well as simpler building types that do not condition the ventilation supply air.No Cooling

Laboratory and healthcare ventilation controls

Now, you can separately set air change rates for return and outside air as part of a zone’s internal conditions. This makes it much easier to quickly study laboratory and healthcare spaces accurately.Air Changes

Impact of humidification on heating

It’s also possible to set a minimum as well as a maximum dew point for the supply air for all DOAS systems. This allows you to account for humidification in cold climates.DOAS

Modeling Guidance


A redesigned Sefaira window guides users through the important “Generate Views” step prior to running analysis.


For those using the EnergyPlus engine, either in Sefaira Systems or the Sefaira Architecture plugins, you may have noticed that large numbers of shading planes can cause analysis to slow down and, in some cases, timeout. We’ve now improved our error and warning messages so that users will receive an error message in the Plugins if a model has more than 500 shading planes, and a similar warning in Sefaira Systems, along with links to guidance and more information.

Staying Up to Date

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