Welcome to the Sefaira monthly product update. Last month, we made some important improvements to our products. Read on to learn more.

Sefaira Architecture

Modeling guidance is now provided in SketchUp.

Last month, we provided step-by-step modeling guidance in Revit. This month, we’ve added it in SketchUp:

Sefaira Guidance in SketchUp

General improvements to Real-Time Analysis Plugins:

Real-time analysis depends on the ability to quickly send, receive, and sort a lot of data. We are focused on bolstering the technology that makes this possible, and have released a number of behind-the-scenes updates that should improve your overall plugin experience.

In addition to these behind-the-scenes improvements, you’ll also notice these valuable changes:

  • Your RTA and Daylighting Visualization windows now stay on top of the Revit window. This way, you can more easily see the performance impact of design changes, and set up your Daylighting Visualizations for export.
  • Previously, saving a custom baseline in the plugin could cause the RTA window to become unresponsive. Now that’s fixed, and the custom baseline function is back in fine form!

Sefaira Systems

Use “Copy Project” to save time on your next study.

You can now copy a project on the projects page in Sefaira Systems:

Sefaira Systems

We’ve had this request from a lot of customers who get a project configured and then want to do a separate study with the same configured options. This time-saving feature makes a duplicate of the entire project including all iterations and settings within each iteration.

DOAS systems are now sized based on ventilation.

We found that a lot of customers were expecting the DOAS (Dedicated Outside Air Supply or ventilation supply air) units in systems, like fan coil units and split systems, to be sized based on the ventilation rate from the Space Use criteria. For new projects, this is now exactly how these systems are sized.

Our expectation is that, especially for projects like residential and healthcare projects, the first set of results obtained will now be more accurate. It also means that the ventilation supply can vary on a zone by zone basis. Existing projects will still be based on a flat area-weighted value –  all projects can adjust the settings on the air-side tab via this drop-down:

HVAC system DOAS

Staying Up to Date

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