Welcome to the Sefaira monthly product update. Last month, we made some important improvements to our products. Read on to learn more.

Sefaira Systems

Group – a new way to add detail, like multiple HVAC systems on a single project

Making options with multiple HVAC systems is the most commonly requested feature from Sefaria Systems customers. This month we released a Group feature to help customers do that.

The workflow is simple – make an iteration for each piece of the building that has a different HVAC system, then combine them into a Group to see the overall performance for the building as a whole.

Multi-system building

We’ve already made supporting documentation to help with this exercise on our Knowledgebase. Click here to find out more.

Monthly Energy Use Graphic

We’ve added a new graph to the Energy Output tab that displays the energy use, cost or CO2e broken down by month.


This is a great way to get ideas as to how to make further improvements to a project, gut-check results or present information to a client.

Natural Ventilation as an Energy Saving Feature

Sefaira Systems now offers a great way to explore the energy saving potential of Natural Ventilation in buildings with side-ventilation and DOAS systems. The feature uses the EnergyPlus Airflow Network method for best practice simulation of passive airflow.

The feature includes substantial options for control of HVAC integration, window free area and opening properties and other controls like night purge ventilation.


We’ve also added a substantial amount of supporting documentation on our Knowledgebase here.

Sefaira Architecture

Technical Improvements to the Sefaira Plugins

Since its launch in early 2014, the Sefaira Plugin has continuously introduced new and expanded functionality like dual-platform support, custom Baselines, Daylighting Visualization, EnergyPlus analysis, and most recently, Design Guidance.

Over this past month we have focused primarily on bringing more stability and reliability to the Plugin. By the end of 2016 we expect to deliver a more consistent and reliable experience for assessing performance directly within the design environment.

Staying Up to Date

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