Sefaira Architecture’s Daylighting Visualization now provides a 1-click method for demonstrating compliance with Australia’s SEPP 65 Solar and Daylight Access requirement.

Sefaira SEPP 65 direct sunlight analysis

SEPP 65 is an environmental planning policy addressing apartment design in Australia. It requires, among other things, that living spaces achieve a minimum number of hours of direct sunlight in winter months. With Sefaira’s new Direct Sunlight Analysis capability, architects have a fast, cost-effective way to generate a full compliance report on SEPP 65 sunlight requirements, directly within their SketchUp or Revit design environments. (The complete press release is available here.)

How it works

With Direct Sunlight Analysis, Sefaira Architecture customers can generate SEPP 65 reports in just a few steps:

  1. Set up your 3D model. Sefaira automatically interprets SketchUp and Revit models, and provides visual feedback so you can view and adjust the interpretation. (Visit for modeling guidelines; also note that, with a little planning, architectural models can be used for analysis.)
  2. Run “Direct Sunlight” analysis for your chosen timeframe. Sefaira will run a simulation using industry-standard analysis Radiance and DAYSIM engines, and will return results incredibly quickly — typically within seconds. (Run times vary based on model size and complexity.) The resulting visualization shows exactly where each floorplate receives direct sunlight. If you’ve defined rooms in your model, you can click a room to see results for that room.
  3. Export a SEPP 65 report. Sefaira will automatically generate a room-by-room analysis report and aggregate the results into a pass/fail score for SEPP 65 compliance.

This process dramatically reduces the time required to perform SEPP 65 Solar and Daylight Access analysis, enabling designers to perform the analysis multiple times throughout the design process and use the results to inform design.

Let’s see it!

Our own Josh Kates will be hosting a webinar on September 24, 2015 at 12pm Sydney time, where he will demonstrate Sefaira’s Daylighting Visualization features and showcase how to use Sefaira to pursue and report against SEPP 65 Solar and Daylight Access requirements. Click here to sign up today!