Welcome to this month’s product update for Sefaira Architecture!

Sefaira for Revit

Solid panels in curtain walls are now read as walls. Prior to this update, users needed to combine Revit Curtain Wall families and Revit Wall families to compose an analyzable wall. Now, users can rely on a single Revit family type and an intuitive workflow to maintain a Sefaira-ready model. You can read a detailed description of the update here, including related information about Generating Sefaira Views: http://support.sefaira.com/hc/en-us/articles/205983585

The apparent “holes” in Revit Daylighting have been fixed. Previously, due to our approach to analyzing Revit geometry, it was possible for tight Revit wall joins to actually let in light. We have since adjusted our approach to analyzing geometry, ensuring that light leakage will not occur where Revit geometry is closed.

Revit Daylighting Update

Sefaira now interprets Revit doors. This supports more accurate daylighting; energy and peak load analysis will be largely unaffected by the change.

Sefaira for SketchUp

On-Demand runs are now available. While automatic analysis is critical in a purely iterative setting, it can be helpful to deliberately hit “go” on an analysis run. Now you can take either approach depending on your preference, the stage of design, and the complexity of your model.

On Demand Sefaira for SketchUp RTA

What’s Next?

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