We are delighted to announce the release of Sefaira Concept v2.0. This release marks the end of our Early Adopter Program and the beginning of General Availability. We sincerely thank our Early Adopters for helping us create a great product and build a very strong roadmap.

This release includes a number of substantial enhancements to Concept, including Response Curves, User Administration, and High Availability infrastructure.

åResponse Curves

Concept can now parametrically explore a strategy, showing you which value gives the best performance. An example is orientation: rather than having to manually try a number of values, we try many values over a range and graph all of them, so you can see which is best. (Note that Concept is also available without Response Curves, for a lower subscription price. Please see our Plans and Pricing page for more details.)

Response Curves

User Administration

Company Super Users can now administer their own licenses and users through the new Account Management Console. Note that all licenses are per named-user (that’s a human being, not a shared email address).

Subscription Management

High Availability Infrastructure

We have made significant changes to our infrastructure, resulting in a more robust environment that will give higher availability than previously.

SketchUp Plugin Beta

Finally, we are working on a SketchUp plugin, which we are making available as a beta. If you are interested in participating, please contact your Sefaira account manager. We expect the SketchUp plugIn to become generally available in the next few weeks.

We are planning to deliver a number of exciting releases as per our roadmap, so please check back here often to see the latest on Sefaira Concept.