Welcome to this month’s product update for Sefaira Systems!

Custom zoning is now available in SketchUp. Up to this point, Sefaira Systems users used Revit rooms to define custom zones. Now, it’s possible to define zones with SketchUp as well, by simply drawing lines on each floor plate. For a more detailed explanation, just click here.

Energy cost has been added to the Energy Breakdown Pie Chart. Now, you can quickly visualize the operating cost dimension of a given design solution.

Solar Photovoltaic panels have been added as a feature. We have responded to requests for the addition of PV panels in the Envelope tab. You can view the impact of your renewables strategy here in the strategy grid:

renewable energy in Systems

Radiant slabs (including heated slabs and chilled floors) are now available. A key feature is the ability to change the setpoint type from drybulb temperature to operative or radiant temperature. The system has been launched in BETA — please try it out and send us any feedback you have.

Software Tip – How to Compare Options

Did you know you can compare different design alternatives in Systems using the Clone button?Clone in SystemsThe white option, “Original Concept”, is the one you’re editing currently. You can also clone the gray, inactive option, “Design Option 1”, by clicking on the double page icon to the left of the preview image.

What’s Next?

In between monthly product updates, you can check our detailed product updates blog here to see the most current product progress. You can also receive product updates and other Sefaira articles in real time by signing up for our newsletter at sefaira.com. And finally–if you have suggestions for new features and improvements in Sefaira, we’d love to hear about them! Feel free to let us know here.