Early stage analysis for designers who care about building performance

Pick the right strategies

Compare massings, layout and envelope options. Study natural ventilation & HVAC systems for all project types.

Move forward confidently

See how your project is going against energy, daylight & comfort goals, using ASHRAE & other standards as your guide.

Get consensus

Share your project & use compelling visual outputs to convince others of the performance benefits of your design.

Designed to make a difference

Fast & easy to use
  • Draw using SketchUp or Revit
  • Get your first results in minutes
  • Create easy-to-understand graphics
  • Runs full hourly annual simulations
  • Uses EnergyPlus and Radiance
  • Offers wide range of inputs & controls
  • Work as a team on shared projects
  • Easy to peer review results
  • Online platform crosses firm boundaries

All the critical analyses you need


Use & Cost




Annual or Date & Time,

Daylight Factor

Direct Sunlight

Thermal Comfort

Air Temperatures


Operative Temp

HVAC Sizing

Chiller, Boiler, AHU, Pump Sizing

Peak Heating & Cooling Loads

EnergyPlus Sizing Reports

Perfect for any role


Support your design options using easy-to-master performance analysis that clients & engineers can buy into.

Sustainability Consultants

Have a bigger influence on the design team by including architects and engineers in your analysis process.


Get more involved in early stage design with HVAC analysis software that’s quick enough to make a difference.

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