Sefaira has been named today as a potential business giant of the future in a newly launched Europe-wide business initiative called ‘They Could Be Giants’.

Created by the European Business Awards,  ‘They Could be Giants’ has been set up to showcase and monitor companies with a ground-breaking product or service that have the proven potential to revolutionise the market in their field.

Sefaira was recognised for having created market-changing software that enables the real-time design of energy efficient buildings. Sefaira’s software provides real-time building physics analysis from a cloud-based platform, enabling architects to make data driven design decisions whilst designs are being created, therefore integrating sustainability from the earliest project stages.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of The European Business Awards said: “The path for all businesses in today’s economy is a perilous one, especially for new companies. By introducing ‘They Could Be Giants’ we want to give early stage companies with big potential the visibility and endorsement to help speed them on their journey to success. Our prospective ‘Giants’, including Sefaira, have weathered the first storms, made viable business progress, and are now considered to be potential market changers. It is the crucial stage for them now as they look to gain traction in the market.”

“This is another great recognition for Sefaira and it comes at an exciting time”, said Annette Burgard, VP of Marketing at Sefaira. “We are working on a number of product announcements for the rest of this year and next and are already looking forward to providing many more updates about Sefaira over the coming weeks.”

Sefaira was hand-picked by expert researchers and judges and selected from entrants in this year’s European Business Awards (EBA). Going forward, the European Business Awards team is calling on any more companies in the UK to contact them through their web site (www.eauropeanbusinessawards.com) if they would like to be included. A list of promising companies will be published twice a year, and the EBA team will then track and report on their progress.

Mr Tripp said: “For the long term success of the European Economy we need to find and support as many early stage companies with the potential to be future giants in their field as possible. We are glad we can use the attention and respect the European Business Awards brings to help Sefaira and the other ‘giants’ on their way.”

About the European Business Awards

The European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM International, recognises and rewards excellence, best practice and innovation in companies across the European Union. The competition is free to enter and open to organisations of all sizes and from any industry sector.

The European Business Awards programme serves three purposes for the European business community:

  • It provides examples for the business community to aspire to
  • It celebrates and endorses individual’s and organisation’s success
  • It provides case studies and content for learning from these exceptional organizations