Welcome to the Sefaira monthly product update. Last month, we made some important improvements to our products. Read on to learn more.

Sefaira Systems

Roof Glazing

Sefaira now supports roof glazing in all of our EnergyPlus applications, including Sefaira Systems and the EnergyPlus version of the Plug-in. 

Roof Glazing Sefaira

In the Plug-in, the glazing properties will be the same as for all vertical glazing. In the Systems Web-application, you can now change the solar heat gain coefficient and insulation values for the roof glazing separately in the envelope tab (and run response curves if you want to get to the optimum value).

EnergyPlus Versioning

You can now run Sefaira Systems in any of the previous 3 versions of EnergyPlus (8.3, 8.4 and 8.5).


New projects will automatically run in the latest version (8.5). Old project will still run in version 8.3. You can control the version you are using on the projects page.

Sefaira Architecture

Re-sizable Daylighting Visualization Window

The Daylighting Visualization window is re-sizable once again! Our move to a single-window plugin was done to improve UI responsiveness, and there was some tidying up to do following its release. We’ve been working through that housekeeping and are excited that this valuable functionality is back in action.

Bug Fixes

Our move to a single window also uncovered some pesky bugs in Sefaira for SketchUp:

  • Unresponsive keyboard shortcuts and
  • Support for the Parallel Projection camera mode in SketchUp.

These bugs are now fixed, supporting a smooth workflow and sharp exports of Daylighting Visualizations.

Check Entity Types Prompt in SketchUp

Modeling for Sefaira in SketchUp and the Sefaira Web Application requires a user to verify that the correct Entity Types have been assigned. We’ve added an alert to remind users to check their Entity Types.

Staying Up to Date

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