Welcome to this month’s product update from Sefaira. Since the start of 2016, we’ve made some important improvements to both Sefaira Architecture and Sefaira Systems. Read on to learn more.

Product Update_2016_Feb

Sefaira Architecture

  • Support for SketchUp 2016. You can download the updated Sefaira Real-Time Analysis Plugin installer for SketchUp 2016 here.
  • Improved processing time for Generate Views in Sefaira for Revit.

Sefaira Systems

New Controls

  • Manage modeled shading: You can now ignore the shading planes imported from your SketchUp or Revit model via a drop-down on the shading card. This can help accelerate analysis run times.
  • View preferred infiltration metrics: We now support infiltration expressed in terms of facade area (eg m3/hr/m2 or CFM/sqft) and air change per hour. These controls are in the envelope tab.
  • Set floor insulation and material type: You can now set floor material type and insulation in the web application.
  • Adjust energy tariffs: You can now adjust the flat rate energy tariff for both gas and electricity used in the energy cost calculations. Access these controls in the Energy Pie Chart.

Improved HVAC Accuracy and Functionality

  • Improvements made to peak DOAS cooling load: Customer feedback has informed the substantial improvements we’ve made to the way many sizing calculations are carried out: enthalpy days and cooling sizing for DOAS systems (both AHU and zone units) have been improved.
  • Climate-specific ground temperatures: Ground temperature profiles are now calculated for all climate data (regardless of climate data origin) using the same script used by EnergyPlus for .epw files. This is expected to affect ground floor sizing in more extreme and unusual climates.
  • Humidification control for DOAS Air Handling Units: Users can now control the supply air dew-point, and see the energy impact of doing so, for all DOAS systems. Look under advanced settings on the air-supply icon to view the energy impact of humidifying ventilation air.

Sefaira in the News

You may have heard the recent and exciting news of our acquisition by Trimble. You can read more about it here. You can also receive product updates and other Sefaira articles in real time by signing up for our newsletter at sefaira.com. Finally, If you have suggestions for new features and improvements in Sefaira, we’d love to hear about them! Feel free to let us know here.