Welcome to this month’s product update for Sefaira Architecture!

Properties Carry Over from Plugin to Web App

When you upload a model to the web application, we’ll now save all your properties from the Real Time Analysis plugin, so that you can pick up right where you left off. Since you can already save custom baselines in the plugin, the new seamless connection from plugin to webapp now provides access to custom baselines at any point in your design process.


Bug Fixes

We also resolved a number of issues for SketchUp and Revit:

Revit Plugin

  • Fixed! A bug that caused analysis for large Revit models (with many walls and many windows) to fail or run slowly.
  • Fixed! A bug that caused “Generate Views” to fail for some users due to shared parameter permissions in Revit. The issue could also cause the “Ignore” and “Shading” parameters to be duplicated when multiple users accessed a file with Sefaira.

SketchUp Plugin

  • Fixed! A bug that caused Real Time Analysis to fail for some project locations for Mac users.

We also fixed a bug that caused locations above the Arctic Circle or below the Antarctic Circle to fail for Sefaira analyses.

Automatic Plugin Updates

Last month, we updated our Revit plugin to allow “auto-updating,” so that you can benefit from Sefaira improvements without the need to reinstall your plugin.  We’re happy to announce that the same improvement is now in place for our SketchUp plugin.

We also packaged the SketchUp plugin into an .MSI installer option, making it easier for IT departments at large firms to push out the plugin to many users at once.

What’s Next?

Next, we’ll be focusing our development efforts on further improving model interpretation and expanding Sefaira’s daylighting capabilities. Stay tuned!

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