Welcome to the Sefaira monthly product update. Over the past month, we’ve made some important improvements to our products. Read on to learn more.

AIA 2030 DDx

Sefaira now integrates directly with the AIA’s reporting tool for the 2030 Commitment. Our integration with the DDx enables project teams to upload Sefaira project data directly to the DDx, saving time and ensuring more frequent and consistent reporting to the 2030 Commitment.

Sefaira Integrates with the AIA 2030 DDx

You can read more about the new feature as well as the AIA 2030 Commitment here.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Clearer Guidance at Project Creation

Many new users have expressed lots of questions about how Sefaira makes assumptions about the project, especially when the plugin model is uploaded to the Web Application. We’ve added a lot more guidance to the project creation page, as well as a short tutorial, to explain what’s going on.

Improved Navigation Header in the Sefaira Web Application

We’ve upgraded our header to help people find the support they need more easily, with clear links to our knowledgebase, support and plugin downloads.
Sefaira web app header


Space Use Templates on Shared Projects

We’ve made some improvements to how space use templates work on shared projects. Now, if you are shared on a project, you will only see space use templates belonging to the project owner. If you create and save new space use templates while in that project, the templates will be added to the account of the project owner, and not to your account.

Bug Fixes

Trials via Project Sharing

We recently added a new feature that provides automated trials for new users shared on projects of customers. Initially this created a lot more activity than expected and our system was not coping well, causing some sharers to see errors. This has now been fixed..

EPW File Upload Fix

We fixed a bug that was preventing user-defined weather files from being uploaded properly to the project.

EnergyPlus Sizing Report

We fixed a bug that caused intermittent failures when downloading the EnergyPlus sizing report.

Projects in Chile

We fixed an error with our tariff database prevented Sefaira from processing projects located in Chile.


End of Life for Old Architecture Web Application

Our transition away from our old Architecture Web Application continues. April 15, 2018 is the last day the old web application and its projects will be available.

Staying Up to Date

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