Welcome to this month’s product update for Sefaira Architecture!

Automatic Plugin Updates

First, we’re happy to announce a major IT-related improvement for the Sefaira plugin:

You’ve told us that it can take some time to install new plugins and updates depending on your firm’s IT processes and resources. In response, we improved the upgrade process for our Revit plugin. After the initial installation, Sefaira for Revit will automatically receive version updates and remain up-to-date. As a result, user re-installation will only be required in exceptional circumstances. Our goal is to ensure that you always have access to the Sefaira tools you need, without the hassle of updating software.

As of this posting, the Revit plugin auto-update is fully functional. We are working on the same improvement for SketchUp (currently in testing), and we expect it be complete by early February.

New 2030 Challenge Benchmarks

Also of note this month, we updated the values displayed in our Real Time Analysis plugin to reflect new targets for the 2030 Challenge, helping you design with the new goals in mind.

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