Welcome to the Sefaira monthly product update. Last month, we made some important improvements to our products. Read on to learn more.

Sefaira Architecture

Support for Revit 2017

You can now use Sefaira in Revit 2017. You will likely have seen an alert on your Sefaira for Revit plugin encouraging you to install an updated version of the plugin:

Revit Update Img

Doing so will allow you to use Sefaira on Revit versions 2013 through 2017.

Opening Sefaira in SketchUp

Previously, the Sefaira plugin would load automatically whenever you opened SketchUp. Now, Sefaira only opens when you launch it from the task bar.

We’ve made this change to give you more control over your various workflows: we know that sometimes you’re in SketchUp to assess a building’s performance; and sometimes you’re in SketchUp to update a rendering or change an architectural detail. Sefaira analysis will always be there, but only when you need it.

Sefaira Systems

Sample Projects and Form Library for New Users

It can be challenging for new users to know just what to do to get started with Sefaira. In response, we’ve been doing a lot of work to make this “on-boarding” process easier.

Now, new users will be directed to the projects page after entering their password. There, they will have access to three sample projects and a building form library. The sample projects demonstrate the kinds of studies Sefaira is designed to support, and the building form library helps customers begin a project without having to generate or locate a 3D model.


Our next step will be to roll this out to users who have logged into Sefaira, but have struggled to get a project started. In addition, if you’d like access to the Building Form Library, just ask your customer success representative and we’ll make it available to you.

Bug-Squashing Summer

We’ve also taken time over the month of July to squash out a range of bugs that have been highlighted by customers. Some of what we’ve done includes:

  • Improved workflow and stability for our Copy Project and Delete Project features
  • Improved polygon welding and meshing to reduce the number of planes imported from the 3D model into EnergyPlus.
  • Fixed failing boiler efficiency and fuel type issues for certain HVAC systems.
  • Fixed errors arising from the failure to find the error file in EnergyPlus.
  • Fixed the order of projects appearing on the “recent projects” shortcut.
  • Improved the error reporting when models are imported with extra zoned area or with perimeter core algorithm issues:
  • Fixed ignore floor errors that caused volumes for air change calculations to be incorrect (see example below).


Staying Up To Date

You can receive product updates and other Sefaira articles in real time by signing up for our newsletter at sefaira.com. You can also regularly review product progress here: Architecture and Systems. And if you have suggestions for new features and improvements in Sefaira, we’d love to hear about them! Feel free to let us know here.