Welcome to the Sefaira monthly product update. This month, we share some recent developments to our learning resources, and remind readers of the ability to collaborate across firms and disciplines using a common and powerful analysis engine. Read on to learn more.

Easier model and input checking

We heard a lot of feedback that it can be hard to track what’s going on with each option on projects with lots of iterations.

We have added a feature that lets you download an excel summary of most inputs for all the design iterations in the project. This is so you can compare side by side how options differ and check to make sure inputs were set the way you wanted them.

An end to normals

We recently made some big back end changes to our technology infrastructure for model conversion. While this work is still ongoing, one happy consequence was that we now identify which side of external envelope elements is the external facing side automatically.

As a result, there is no need to worry about object normals, and this workflow and guidance has been removed from the plugin. Hopefully this makes things a little bit simpler when getting the 3D geometry ready for Sefaira.

Clearer account status and privacy information

Licensing is not exciting but it’s by far the biggest source of support tickets.

We’ve been working on making it easier to find out the status of your account and who the administrators are. This should help users in managed accounts who have been un-assigned easily identify what’s happening and get access quickly. It should also help users with expired accounts identify the status of their account without having to contact support.

We’ve also (like everyone) been attentive to recent GDPR legislation. We’ve added clear links in the settings and user profile sections of the product to make it easy to find out what we do with your data and we’ve published a full list of cookies that we collect and what we do with them.

Better Plugin error messaging

Nothing’s more frustrating that getting an error and not knowing why it happened. We’ve recently been looking at all our error messaging and trying to work out how we can provide better contextual guidance to users.

Most recently we have overhauled the error messaging in the plugin to make it more relevant to the user and the situation. There are more helpful links in the error messages as well as appropriate support and forum contact details.

Staying Up to Date

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