Welcome to this month’s product update for Sefaira Architecture!


This month, we added image export options from our Daylighting Visualization plugin, allowing you to easily download plan view images and snapshots for your daylighting analysis. These new exported images help to communicate design decisions and daylighting outcomes with your team and clients. You can even create time-lapse animations of your analysis using a little bit of post-processing in Photoshop or Powerpoint!

Time Lapse Daylighting

SketchUp Plugin

We’ve made some critical improvements to the SketchUp Plugin that should make analysis with Sefaira more seamless than ever before. (Be sure to restart SketchUp in order to take advantage of these improvements.)

Support for Groups

Sefaira now analyzes groups which supports a more familiar SketchUp workflow.

Visibility Controls Analysis

Hidden elements and invisible layers in SketchUp are now excluded from Sefaira analysis. You can now easily ignore elements for Sefaira by hiding them, or analyze and compare multiple design options within a single SketchUp file by moving between different layers. You can even set up a “Sefaira Scene” to manage your analysis-ready geometry within your SketchUp file:

Visable Analysis

Interior Walls

The “Interior Wall” entity type now tells Sefaira to consider those planes for daylighting obstruction. Previously, “Interior Wall” entity types were ignored.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Improved error messaging includes status updates and connects you with support resources. We’ve also fixed an issue with the plugin affecting some SketchUp 8 users.

Revit Plugin

We’ve also made improvements to support a smoother Revit workflow:

Interior Walls

Walls and glazing with “interior” function type are now considered for daylighting obstruction (previously ignored).

Model by Face

As demonstrated during this week’s Master Class, Sefaira now supports envelope elements created using the “Model by Face” tool in Revit.  This improvement allows you to easily place analyzable families (e.g. walls, roofs, floors, etc.) based off of a Revit conceptual massing. The same process can be used for a mass model imported into Revit from other tools, such as SketchUp and Rhino.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Roof glazing is now supported in Sefaira for Revit. Also, improved error messaging will now include status updates and connect you with relevant support resources.

Web Application

We added a powerful resource for users within the web-app.

Powerful FAQ

We replaced our previous help button with an FAQ tab (below), providing quick answers to your questions and connecting you directly with Sefaira Support.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

We fixed two bugs in the web application: one that prevented some users from generating PDF reports, and one affecting projects with the “precast concrete” wall type.

What’s Next?

We’ll continue to improve our daylighting analysis capabilities in Sefaira Architecture. We are also working to improve model support for SketchUp and Revit, to the benefit of both our Architecture and Systems products.

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