Sefaira Views provide a helpful visual check by showing you the elements of your building that Sefaira will consider in its analysis, and by hiding the elements that it won’t consider. Sefaira Views has recently been enhanced to make this visual check more informative and intuitive.

The side-by-side comparison below shows the old results of “Generate Sefaira Views” on the left, and the enhanced results on the right.

Sefaira Generate Views


Note the colors applied to the walls, roof, floors, and glazing; also note the absence of a “Sefaira Shading” view in the Revit Project Browser. In addition to these two changes, the visibility settings now match the view, and editable filters (which inform the colors you see above) are created for your use:


As mentioned, the Shading View has been removed, and shading elements (automatically colored grey) now appear in the same view as their family type. For example, a Revit wall marked as “Shading for Sefaira” will appear in the Sefaira Walls view, and will be colored grey:

shading elements SfR


Any changes to a building element – changing its function type, tagging it as shading, or tagging it as ignored – is now automatically reflected in the view:


An added benefit of this new feature is the ability to apply Sefaira’s automatically-created Visibility and Graphic settings to other views via view templates.

view template


This gives you a way to quickly produce a visual check of your analysis model at any time, in any view.

For more information about Sefaira for Revit, visit our Knowledgebase here.