Welcome to this month’s product update for Sefaira Architecture. This month, we focused our efforts on improving Daylighting Visualization and the Revit Plugin.


Users can now view analysis results in footcandles or lux levels, and have the ability to customize the analysis itself by selecting the number of ambient bounces used for daylight simulation (2, 3, or 4). Users seeking fastest analysis times should select 2 bounces, while users seeking the finest granularity of analysis should select 4 bounces.

In addition to increased control over metrics and settings, users can now view results on a room-by-room basis in both SketchUp and Revit.

Revit Plugin Improvements

  • Added! In Revit 2014 and up, “Generate Sefaira Views” has been enhanced to make the visual check on analysis setup more informative and intuitive. Color filters are applied to building elements, similar to the Entity Type visualization in Sefaira for SketchUp. You can read more about the new feature here.
  • Added! Curtain wall mullions are now read as shading.
  • Improved! If DayViz runs timeout, a user now receives informative and actionable feedback.
  • Improved! We fixed the default camera position in “Sefaira Views” to prevent DayViz display from being cut off.
  • Fixed! Resolved an issue where DayViz floors and context geometry could appear misaligned in Revit.
  • Fixed! Resolved an issue where daylighting results could return out of order, resulting in an outdated result or style displaying to the user.

What’s Next?

We will continue to enhance model support for Revit, and are currently hard at work planning our product development activities for the second half of 2015. As mentioned on our recent Revit webinar, you can check in here in between monthly product updates to see the most current product progress. You can also receive product updates and other Sefaira articles in real time by signing up for our newsletter at sefaira.com.

And finally–if you have suggestions for new features and improvements in Sefaira, we’d love to hear about them! You can share your thoughts with us here.