Welcome to this month’s product update from Sefaira! This month, we continued to refine our Direct Sunlight Analysis and SEPP 65 reporting features. We also made some critical improvements to Revit and SketchUp model interpretation.

Product Update 2015 09


  • Fixed! Revit curtain walls are no longer causing various models to time out in Sefaira Systems.
  • Fixed! Unexpected Revit model interpretation that was causing problems with results has been fixed.
  • Fixed! Revit Collections are no longer cause errors with uploads.


  • Improved! SketchUp zoning for Sefaira Systems provides better operability with EnergyPlus.
  • Improved! Overall improvements to SketchUp zoning algorithms support a wider range of programmatic layouts.

What’s Next?

Over the coming weeks we will share a product preview with customers outlining the exciting and game-changing product development currently in the works.

In between monthly product updates, you can check our detailed product updates blog here to see the most current product progress. You can also receive product updates and other Sefaira articles in real time by signing up for our newsletter at sefaira.com. And finally–if you have suggestions for new features and improvements in Sefaira, we’d love to hear about them! Feel free to let us know here.