Empowering students to integrate Performance-Based Design
into their design process

How it Works
Are you an Educator?

You provide information on how you would like to integrate Sefaira into an architectural design studio and/or engineering-building science course at your accredited educational institution.

Students and instructors will get free access to Sefaira for the duration of the course under the SEP.

Are you a Student?

Because Sefaira student licenses are free, we do not currently provide direct support for individual student licenses. Sefaira education licenses are to be used by students only in the courses where Sefaira is integrated into the curriculum.

If you’re a student and you think this would be useful in your course, share this page with the relevant lecturer or course director to get the conversation started.

Things to Note
  • Academic licenses cannot be used for commercial purposes. All academic licenses must provide their university domain email as their Sefaira username.
  • We reserve the right to update our software at any time, and some of the upgrades will require our users to download new versions of our plugins. This may present an issue for students when using the School’s computer laboratories for access to Sefaira because machines should be rebooted within three days of a Sefaira update. We strongly recommend that students use personal computers or laptops so they can download the latest version of our software at will.
  • Schools agree to be listed as an SEP participant and to the placement of the School’s logo on Sefaira’s website and other related SEP marketing material.
  • Our goal is to empower students to integrate Performance- Based Design into their process. To enable this we provide training resources to course leaders and students via our Knowledgebase and Sefaira YouTube channel.
  • Useful Links
    Resources Page
    (For blog posts & case studies)
    Sefaira Knowledge Base
    (Detailed help and analysis guidance)
    Sefaira Videos
    (For training & informative webinars)
  • Project questions (i.e. homework issues)
  • Visit the Sefaira Knowledge Base. For more detailed questions about your coursework, speak to your instructor.

  • Password Reset
  • Reset your password here.

  • Disabled Account
  • Speak with your instructor as they are the admin for your school’s SEP account and may disable accounts as part of end-of-semester account maintenance.

  • Trouble running analysis
  • Visit the Sefaira Knowledge Base Common Issues page. If the issue persists, have your course instructor email Sefaira Support with a screen grab of the error message or your model.